I’m a Canadian linguist and educator with 13 years of English teaching and management experience in Canada, Argentina, Slovakia and Spain. I love educational technology, sociolinguistics, English for academic purposes and regularly write and present on these and other topics in ELT (English Language Teaching). I’m currently Head ESL Teacher at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

My teaching career started when I was 14 and began giving piano lessons to local kids.  While my peers slaved after school in retail, I  marvelled at the fact I could earn money passing on my know-how about something I loved.

I moved into the domain of ESL teaching as a young linguistics student in multilingual Montreal.  Though I hadn’t yet graduated, I was full of curiosity for and interest in languages, and I convinced the owner of a small private language school to hire me.  Here I cut my teeth, learning by doing and soaking up everything my more experienced colleagues would share about communicative methodology, classroom management, and lesson planning.

In the 13  years since my first ESL job, I’ve taught in Canada,  Slovakia, Argentina and Spain.  I’ve worked with adults and youth in secondary, university and corporate environments and have taught English for Academic Purposes (EAP), ESL, Business English, pronunciation, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge exam prep, and Radio and Media.  On this page I talk a bit about my teaching philosophy.

English for academic purposes curriculum design and materials development are also interests of mine.  I led the revamp of and currently oversee the curriculum  for Dalhousie’s suite of pre- and in-sessional EAP courses, and also collaborated in the design of an EAP speaking and listening course at St. Francis Xavier University. As well,  I developed an intensive Business English course for a private language school, a secondary-level Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)-based Media course and  I’ve written a variety of ESOL testing and reading comprehension materials, as well as a set of materials on radio and podcasting for ESOL purposes, as well as host of EAP materials. I was the editor of the TESL Nova Scotia newsletter for 2013-2014.

Sociolinguistics can be described as the study of language in its social context, and it’s this relationship between language and society where my research interests lie. I hold in a B.A. in linguistics, and in my Master’s research I explored the interplay between aspects of globalization, learner identity, and TESOL.

For privacy reasons, I have not included a detailed resume or references on this site.  Feel free to contact me  for more detailed information or find me on LinkedIn or Twitter (@JenMac_ESL).

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