Invited Presentations

  • Inclusive Online Teaching for Student Success. (With Ayesha Mushtaq). CALDO Consortium Webinar, (Aug., 2020).
  • Intercambios Virtuales: Apoyando la internacionalización en los cursos de idioma. Guest Lecture, Curso Aprendizaje multicultural, global e interactivo. Universidad Católica de Manizales, Colombia. (June, 2020).
  • Tips for Language Teaching Online. East Coast Language College, Halifax, Canada. (June, 2020).
  • 10 Tips for More Effective Pronunciation Teaching, (With Gerry Russo), Dalhousie University Language Teaching Retreat, Halifax, Canada (June 2020 – CANCELLED)
  • Monolingualism, Neoliberalism and Language-as-Problem: Discourse Itineraries in Canadian University Language Policy.Language in Higher Education Seminar Series. University of Leeds, UK (April 2020 – CANCELLED).
  • Plenary Practitioner Roundtable: Looking to the Future.
    BALEAP Conference, University of Leeds, UK. (April, 2019)
  • Invited Speaker: Tough Love or Safe Spaces? Approaching Academic Writing in the University Context.
    Mount Saint Vincent University EAP PD Day, Halifax, Nova Scotia. (November, 2017)
  • Keynote Address: What to Correct? How to Correct? Why to Correct? Focus on Form with Multilingual Writers. AWELL Conference, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. (April 2016)

Selected Conference Presentations and Workshops (2014-present)

  • Defining “Good Writing”: Attitudes and Ideology in Canadian University Language Policy. IATEFL 2020 Conference, Leeds, UK (April 2020 – CANCELLED) AILA 202 Conference, Groningen, Netherlands (August 2020 – CANCELLED)
  • Beyond “English Only”: Creating Effective and Equitable Program Language Policy. Languages Canada 2020 conference, Vancouver, Canada (Feb., 2020)
  • English and Internationalization: Successful Partnerships Bridging Canada and Latin America. With Packer, D., Lindsey, R., Cozac, M., Jardin, K., and Martin, M. Conference of the Americas on International Education, Bogota, Colombia (Oct. 2019)
  • Best Practices for Language in Internationalization
    With CALDO and Language Canada. Columbian Association of Universities (ASCUN), Bogota, Colombia (April, 2019).
  • Problematizing Post-Enrollment Language Assessment in Canadian Higher Education
    Multidisciplinary Approaches to Language Policy and Planning Conference, OISE University of Toronto, Ontario, (August, 2019)
  • The Interaction for Learning Framework: A Tool for Learning in Diverse Classrooms
    Dalhousie Conference on University Teaching and Learning (May, 2019)
  • Exploring English Language Policy in Linguistically-Diverse Canadian Universities
    BALEAP Conference, University of Leeds, UK (April, 2019); Multidisciplinary Approaches to Language Policy and Planning Conference, OISE University of Toronto, Ontario, (August, 2018); AAAL Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (MArch, 2019); TESL Nova Scotia Conference, (November, 2017);
  • L1 and L2 Approaches to Academic Writing at a Canadian University
    Canadian Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference, (June, 2017); TESL Canada Conference, (June, 2017); Languages in the Canadian University Colloquium, Simon Fraser University/UBC, (May, 2017); IATEFL Glasgow, (April, 2017); UCL Institute of Education Doctoral School Conference, (June, 2016); UCL Institute of Education Applied Linguistics/TESOL Doctoral Seminar Series, (June, 2016)
  • Roundtable: Helping EAP Students Move from ‘Language Learners’ to ‘Language Users’
    TESL Nova Scotia Conference, (May, 2017)
  • EAP Pathway Program Study and Academic Success at University
    IATEFL Birmingham, (April 2016)
  • Beyond the 5-Paragraph Essay in EAP Writing
    TESL Nova Scotia Conference, (November, 2015); TESL Canada Conference, (November, 2015); IATEFL Manchester, (April 2016)
  • Getting Discipline-specific in the General EAP Classroom
    BALEAP Conference, (April 2016); TESL NS Spring Conference, (May, 2014); IATEFL Harrogate (April, 2014)
  • Why is English so Weird? Looking to History to Answer Tough Learner Questions. (Webinar) English Online, (March, 2015)

Talks and Workshops for the University Community

  • Bibliographic Managers in English for Academic Purposes
    Dalhousie University English for Academic Purposes Program.
  • Professional Development Workshop: Speaking About Science
    Dalhousie University Medical School (NB), (June, 2019)
  • Written Communication for a Linguistically-Diverse Clientele
    Dalhousie University Registrar’s Office, (December, 2018)
  • Linguistic Diversity at Dalhousie: Some Best Practices for Service
    Dalhousie University Registrar’s Office, (September, 2017; January, 2016)
  • Teaching Writing in the Linguistically-Diverse Classroom
    Dalhousie University Department of English, (September 2018, September, 2017); Dalhousie University Dept. of Psychology and Neuroscience, (September, 2017); Dalhousie University Centre for Learning and Teaching, (January, 2017)
  • Disciplinary Language and Writing Practice
    Dalhousie University MBA International Induction Week, (June, 2014; June, 2017; June 2018; June 2019)
  • Working with ESL Writers in a Writing-Across-the Curriculum Context
    Dalhousie University Faculty of Arts and Social Science, (September, 2016; September, 2015)
  • Teaching in English / Lecturing in English
    Dalhousie University Teaching Assistant PD Day, (September, 2015; September, 2014); Dalhousie University Centre for Learning and Teaching, (January, 2015; March, 2014)