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Highlights from IATEFL 2017 Day 3-4

The IATEFL annual conference is always a whirlwind of learning, discovery, meet ups and new connections. Here are some highlights of what I saw on Days 3 and 4 of this year’s conference in Glasgow. Jane Setter’s plenary, Where angels fear to tread: intonation in English language teaching, was the first plenary session to deal with pronunciation in … Continue reading

Slides from IATEFL 2017

ELT conference season has begun! I’m currently in Glasgow, taking in the 51st IATEFL Conference. I’ll have write ups on some of the sessions I’m seeing in a blog post to come. My presentation, Diverse Approaches to Academic Writing at a Canadian University, is Wednesday, April 5, at 17:25, in the Lomond Hall. Here’s the … Continue reading

Presentation @ IATEFL Birmingham

I’m excited to be presenting at IATEFL Birmingham on the topic of EAP Pathway Program Study and Academic Success at University. My session is on  Friday 15th April at 12:30-13:00 in Executive Room 1. My doctoral research revolves around the teaching and learning of English in the university context, and so I’m hoping some other people working and … Continue reading

IATEFL 2015 Wrap-up

The IATEFL conference is over for another year. In passing someone commented that at this year’s conference they hadn’t seen a bad presentation and I was obliged to agree. Despite the most strategically-selected lineup of sessions, every year there’s always one or two talks so bad I have to slink out of. But this year, … Continue reading

IATEFL 2015: Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay in EAP Writing

I’m off to Manchester! I’m giving a presentation entitled Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay in EAP Writing  on Sunday. My presentation will be part of a forum on EAP writing along with Niall Lloyd (Explicit SPRE Instruction–an aid to essay Writing) and Gusztav Demeter (Integrating Simulations in a Seminar-Based approach to EAP Writing) on Sunday, April 12, from … Continue reading

Efficiency in the Language Classroom

I recently came across Ben Sichel’s excellent response to recent public commentary over K-12 educational reform here in Nova Scotia. (I’m pretty sure similar debates over “back-to-basic” old-school methods vs. discovery methods and other newer methods used to teach L1 literacy in English as well as math are happening in many jurisdictions all over the world.) K-12 education … Continue reading

IATEFL 2014: Debunking Pseudo-Science in ELT

EAP is probably my main area of professional interest, as it is the bread and butter of the institution where I work.  I therefore try to see as many presentations as I can based on teaching and learning English for university. But before I talk about the EAP sessions I saw, I must talk about … Continue reading

IATEFL 2014: Highlights in Materials and Assessment Writing

I really admire those ELT bloggers who somehow manage to find the time to blog during IATEFL. Between spotty WiFi, days jam-paced with sessions, and social events in the evening, I’ve given up trying to write anything substantial up until after the conference is over. I gravitate toward 4 types of presentations: those in the … Continue reading

Sugata Mitra @IATEFL: Neither outraged nor awestruck

Sugata Mitra delivered the closing plenary at IATEFL this past Saturday in Harrogate. Before the session was over, the Twittersphere started to go berserk. The reaction to his talk was very polarized; either he was being praised as an inspiring visionary or derided as a dangerous neo-liberal shill complicit in the dismantling of the public … Continue reading

IATEFL Harrogate: Getting Discipline-Specific in the EGAP Classroom

I’m speaking at the IATEFL conference in Harrogate on Thursday, April 3, at 12:15 in Hall Qe. Click here to download the slides from my presentation.  

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