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MOOC Wrap Up

#EDCMOOC Week 5 My 5-week experiment in on-line learning is drawing to a close. Though I’m sure there is as much variation in the MOOC experience as there are platforms ( and learners),  I nonetheless fell that having actually completed a MOOC allows me to weigh on the debate, discussion and media frenzy over these courses in … Continue reading

#EDCMOOC Digital Artefect: Language acquisition “across the screen”

The theme of week 3’s readings and activities was “Being Human”, through which we explored ideas of what separates the technological from the human, culminating in the question of whether we could actually be living in a “post-human” world. Two of the week’s readings relate the theme of being human to education: Kolowich, S (2010) The … Continue reading

Open Education and MOOCs

#EDCMOOC Week 2 Most of this week’s videos and readings focused around the future of education, focusing on different reactions to the emergence of MOOCs. The element of teaching and teacher is quite present in many of these commentaries on MOOCs, mostly in terms of a sort of cost-benefit analysis: Are we getting the best … Continue reading

MOOCs in Canada

On this week’s episode of CBC Radio’s “Spark”, an excellent weekly program about technology and society, there are two pieces on MOOCs. The first is a general introduction to MOOCs. It’s followed by an interview with George Siemens of Athabaska University, who wrote an open letter to Canadian universities about MOOCs in Canada. This could … Continue reading

Digital Immigrants and Professional Development

#EDCMOOC Week 1 I’ve made it through the readings, videos and (a small percentage of) the on-line discussion surrounding week 1 on the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC. The central question to the week’s course materials was of technology as either utopia or dystopia, or, as it is put in the course materials: “…how digital … Continue reading

First Experiences with a MOOC

Day 1 of the #EDCMOOC Though every time I’d read about a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) being launched I’d check out their course offerings, I had never really been motivated to participate in one. Ironically, though MOOCs were arguably one of the most revolutionary developments in e-learning and even education in the last … Continue reading

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