New Year’s Revelations

Sitting around on January 1st having a bleary-eyed coffee with friends, talk turned to resolutions for the new year, and one friend misheard the phrase as “New Year’s Revelations”. We laughed and talked about what this would mean: would something important or life-changing get revealed to you in 2018? Or would we swap out conversations about intentions to go to the gym more or take up knitting in the new year for a go around the circle where everyone shared a deep, dark secret with the group?

In any case, as I see friends and colleagues share their professional goals for 2018, I thought I’d put mine down on (digital) paper as well, as my goal for this year is a bit of an odd one, for me at least.

My resolution for 2018 is to do…nothing! (Well, nothing other than finish my doctoral dissertation.) This is actually a really hard resolution for me, because I am a conference addict. I love writing proposals, coming up with sessions, attending and presenting at conferences, and even getting on conference organizing committees. Most years I’ll easily do a half-dozen presentations or talks at different events, and attend or be involved in organizing a few more events on top of that. And I love it!

But it takes up a lot of time. And time is a precious commodity when you’re trying to work full time and simultaneously complete a doctorate. So my resolution is to devote all my spare time possible to my dissertation this year and cut WAAAAYYY down on conferences. So if you don’t see me around at events in 2018, know that I’m probably holed up in a library somewhere (or with my laptop at my kitchen table), hard at work writing. Hopefully my “revelations” in 2018 will come in the form of amazing things emerging from my data. 🙂

Happy New Year, everyone!


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