BALEAP 2015: Getting discipline-specific in the EGAP Classroom

baleap_logoI’m presenting a talk entitled  Getting Discipline-specific in the EGAP Classroom  at the BALEAP conference on April 18. If only I could be at the University of Leicester with everyone else! But alas, I will be presenting remotely from my office here in Halifax.

Here are the slides. I’ve tweaked this talk a bit since I gave it last year at IATEFL, incorporating some of the materials on genre I developed for this year’s IATEFL conference as well as other ideas I’ve come up with since then.




3 thoughts on “BALEAP 2015: Getting discipline-specific in the EGAP Classroom

  1. I was unable to make your talk Jennifer, but was very interested by the title and abstract – both the IATEFL one and the BALEAP one. Thanks for sharing the slides. I think we’ve come to similar conclusions here about how EGAP classes can still encourage students towards ESAP modes of thinking and practising. I didn’t know (or don’t remember having seen) the MISCUSP corpus, so that was also useful. Thanks 🙂

    • Agreed! At some institutions we’re still a long way away from having a slate of ESAP offerings aligned with various programs/disciplines, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play around with specificity in the EGAP context in the meantime. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it in person to the next BALEAP conference to make it to yours and others’ presentations and meet in person! Glad you found the slides helpful.

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