Dealing with St.Paddy’s


One of our instructors mentioned to me today that she is planning to do some sort of lesson or activity on St. Patrick’s Day today in class, not as a tidbit of cultural exchange or look at the history of the holiday, etc., but  more in the guise of a public service announcement. This being such a student city, on the 17th it’s impossible to avoid droves of day-drunk youth bedecked in various shades of green, acting the fool on campus and throughout downtown. (In fact, there are people drunkenly chanting on the street outside my office as I write this.) In the past, students of ours have reported feeling anywhere from mildly confused to annoyed and intimidated by the spectacle (which, if you live in a student neighbourhood, can last well into the wee hours), hence the need for an explanatory warning in class for those new to Canada. So far I haven’t been able to find a LINC book with a chapter on “How to avoid piles of green barf while walking to class on March 18” and “What to do when it’s 2am and you’ve had enough of your bro neighbours and their WOOOH-ing”…


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