Lesson Plan: Jeopardy (with a Technological Twist)

Screenshot: Techno-Jeopardy

A Jeopardy-style game is an old staple in the classroom when it comes time to review vocabulary, grammar other materials (if you’re in a CLIL setting). If you’re in an Internet-equipped classroom, having students transmit their answers in real time to the board via Wi-Fi adds an element of speed and excitement.

Equipment needed:

  • A prepared Powerpoint Presentation with questions to be reviewed
  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Data projector
  • Wi-Fi enabled classroom
  • Students’ own devices (computer, tablet or smartphone)–one per group of students


1) Prepare a Powerpoint presentation with the questions to be covered–the question on one slide, and the answer on the following slide. My questions were “Correct the Mistake” sentences with one or maybe two straightforward errors ( punctuation  verb tenses, missing articles, etc.) I also included some vocabulary/synonym questions. (You can also throw in Daily doubles, if you’re sticking closely to the Jeopardy format, or add things like “Steals”, etc.)

2) Set up a temporary chatroom using Today’s Meet. The concept of Today’s Meet is that it creates a chatroom that will only exist for the length of time you specify. It generates a URL, and anyone who goes to that address can log into the chatroom.

In Class:

3) Have the students split into groups of 2 or 3 (more than 3 on one device means not everyone participates fully). Each group needs a device–tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Have students choose a group name and log into the Today’s Meet chatroom under this name.

4) On the instructor’s computer ( connected to the data projector), open your Powerpoint, as well as the Today’s Meet chatroom. Set the Powerpoint in “Reading” mode and display it in half the screen, with Today’s meet in the other half. ( See screenshot above) Anything anyone writes in the chatroom is automatically displayed on the board!

5) Explain the rules: You’ll put the question up, and the groups have to work together, find the answer, and submit their correction via the chatroom. Give points for both speed and accuracy–it makes it more fun! (I gave 2 points if the answer was correct and the first to be submitted, and 1 if it was correct , but not the first answer to appear. Also figure out how many points you’ll give for a “steal”, second attempt, etc.)

How it worked in my Classroom

This activity was a roaring success when I used it for end-of-session review with my class of 11 EAP undergrads/grad students. The realtime element of the projection and chatroom added excitement to the typical Jeopardy format, and brought out the competitive nature in my students. They were arguing over punctuation rules and (hilariously) trash-talking each other via the chat room.


4 thoughts on “Lesson Plan: Jeopardy (with a Technological Twist)

  1. Normally I’ not a fan of the standard old Jeopardy game (perhaps I played it far too much during my career), but this technological twist with Today’s Meet makes it reinvigorated, especially for a writing practice/review. Thanks!

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